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Apple Watch SE Overheating Issue

Apple Watch SE Overheating (HeatGate) Flares Up In South Korea

If you’re an Apple Watch SE owner you have to read this! It appears that a certain batch of the low-cost 2020 Apple Watch is having a manufacturing problem that causes serious overheating! The issue is significant because it bricks the watchOS 7 device!…

Apple Music battery drain issue on iPhone

How To Fix Apple Music Battery Drain Issue On iPhone

We’ve been recently mailed by a couple of readers that complained about unjustified Apple Music background activity, that leads to an excessive iPhone battery drain. Most of the devices in question are running iOS 13.5.1. At the time of writing, we couldn’t replicate the issue on our own devices, but we’re keeping a close eye…

apple watch overheating temperature warning

Apple Watch Temperature Warning Screen

If an iPhone can be described as a mini-computer, the Apple Watch surly is a micro-gadget. As with any piece of technology, both gadgets come with optimal temperature operating ranges. If the regular desktop computers are equipped with fans, which cool them down when they overheat, the mobile devices don’t afford the luxury of storing…