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Fitness+ Apple TV Pairing Cancelled

How To Fix Fitness+ ‘Pairing Canceled’ Error On Apple TV

Are you trying to workout with Fitness+ using your Apple Watch and the Apple TV but are stuck at the ‘Pairing Canceled’ error message? You’re not the only one! This seems to be a common Apple Fitness+ bug that’s triggered when the Home app hasn’t been properly configured on the Apple TV….

apple watch paired to airpods

How To Pair Apple Watch With Wireless Headphones

The Apple Watch is becoming slowly but surely and independent smart device. It’s able to perform calls, send messages and play music without the help of the paired iPhone. Nevertheless, because of size and hardware limitations its not possible yet to stream music from your wrist via the built-in speaker. In order to avoid using…

ios 11 automatic setup feature

iOS 11 Automatic Setup Feature Streamlines New iPhone And iPad Configuration

Upgrading your iPhone and iPad has never been easier as long as both your old and new Apple devices are running iOS 11. The 11th iOS generation includes, among the multitude of new features like Screen Recording, configurable Control Center, Camera’s built-in QR code reader another very useful option called Automatic Setup. You’re prompted to…

android wear and ios

Android Wear Now Available For iPhone

If you’re a half breed technology user, owning an iOS smartphone and an Android Wear based smartwatch, you should be pleased to know that your wrist gadget is now able to pair with an iPhone. The Android Wear app can be downloaded from the App Store. This is the equivalent of the Apple Watch app…

Unpaired Apple Watch screen

How To Unpair And Repair Apple Watch

Apple’s revolutionary watchOS gadget lives up and even exceeds expectations. However, because it still is a first generation device and both in-house and third party developers are continuously fine-tuning their codes for it, it can sometimes happen that your wrist-worn device jams, loses connectivity with its paired iOS companion, or simply malfunctions, from the software…