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apple watch as apple TV remote control

Remote Control Your TV With Apple Watch

Time to learn how to tweak your TV settings, stop or resume playback and much more with the help of your newest wrist gadget. For the moment, your watch OS device is only able to pair with an Apple TV via the native Remote app. However, future updates as well as third party software, could…

apple watch features when iphone not in range

10 Apple Watch Features That Work Offline

Apple’s new gadget impresses when it comes to the amount of functions available on such a small wrist-held device. By now, we’re all aware that a compatible iPhone is required. An iPhone 5 or newer, running at least iOS 8.2 is needed to pair the Apple Watch with. This allows the smartwatch to use resources…

pair apple watch with iphone

2 Ways To Pair Apple Watch With iPhone

With more and more Apple Watches starting to find their place on the users wrists, it’s time to talk about why and how to pair this revolutionary gadget with your iPhone. With pairing we understand a wireless connection that facilitates continuous data exchange between the two terminals. Bluetooth wireless technology is used to link the…