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Using iPhone 11 without Passcode

Tips To Disable Face ID And Passcode For Unlocking An iPhone While Wearing A Mask

Although we strongly advocate for using a Passcode to protect the data on your iPhone, the COVID-19 pandemic pushes us to temporary disable it. That’s because wearing a mask and latex gloves complicates unlocking your iPhone. I’ve just returned from grocery shopping and I had to unlock my iPhone several times while on the move….

iPhone prompts for Passcode when user wears a mask

How To Skip Face ID Authentication When Wearing A Mask

Life can get complicated during the COVID-19 pandemic! More and more countries impose mandatory mask-wearing while going out in public. This is a good strategy to loosen up the lock-downs and restart the economies all around the world. Excepting the obvious discomfort of obstructing your face, there is one more annoying inconvenience caused by this…

How to Reset Screen Time Passcode in iOS 12

How To Reset The Screen Time Passcode In iOS 12

Screen Time is one of the most advertised new features of iOS 12! It provides detailed data about the time that you spend on your iPhone and allows you to become more productive by reducing the time spent on apps that are labeled as “time wasters”. With Screen Time you know which apps you use…

iphone x requires passcode to enable face id

7 Situations When Face ID Is Replaced By Passcode In iPhone X Running iOS 11

Although Apple’s revolutionary TrueDepth camera and its facial identification system is much more accurate than the replaced Touch ID technology, your iPhone X still requires you, in certain situations, to type the Passcode and double prove that you’re the legit owner the device. Face ID can be tricked by 1 from 1,000,000 million other faces,…