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fix iPhone Passcode Bug in iOS 14

How To Fix iPhone Passcode Not Working When Changing Apple ID (iOS 14)

The latest bug fix request received from our readers informs us that a glitch is preventing iOS 14.0.1 from recognizing the iPhone Passcode during the Apple ID password changing process….

How to create a strong password with your iPhone

How To Create Strong Passwords On iPhone Using The KeyChain Feature

The number of apps and services that we use with the iPhone grows by the day. Most of these require an account to be able to access all features. This is why your probably end up with tens if not hundreds of passwords that you need to store. Thankfully, iOS can do that for you…

connecting to wi-fi network from apple watch

How To Connect To Wi-Fi Networks Directly From The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is becoming more and more independent with each new hardware and software generation. Thanks to watchOS 5, Apple Watch owners are now able to connect to a new Wi-Fi network directly from the Apple Watch. Until now the wrist-worn device was only able to borrow access to Wi-Fi hotspots which had been…

Apple ID locked out because of security reasons

How To Fix The Apple ID Lock Out Because Of Security Reasons Glitch

A strange occurrence is currently unfolding among Apple device owners. It seems that a series of users have been locked out of their Apple IDs in the past hours, without any obvious reason, although the message claims security flaws. Several readers have mailed us about this glitch and reports around the Internet, on websites like…

macos high sierra security update 2017-001

Apple Releases Security Update To Patch macOS High Sierra Root SuperUser Breach

Less than a day since the major macOS High Sierra root superuser bug has been detected and tweeted by Lemi Orhan, Apple has issued a Security Update labeled 2017-001 which patches this macOS vulnerability and secures Mac from unauthorized third party access. We’ve already shown you yesterday, how to temporarily fix the glitch and now…