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Safari Autofill Passwords not working

How To Fix Safari Autofill Passwords Not Working On iPhone

Are you trying to log-in to one of your web accounts but Safari Autofill Passwords is not working? Are your log-in details not automatically filled in the Sign-In form although you’re sure that the authentication credentials are saved and stored in the stock iOS Passwords feature?…

iOS 14 Compromised Password notification

iPhone Compromised Password Notification (Fact Or Hack?)

Is your iPhone displaying a Compromised Password notification and you’re not sure what this means? You get this for the first time and you wanna know if this is a real warning or a hack? Rest assured this is legit and its called a Security Recommendation. iOS 14 packs a new security feature that automatically…

iCloud Keychain Security Recommendations for Passwords in iOS 14

How To Change Compromised KeyChain Passwords On iPhone (iOS 14)

iOS 14 brings a highly appreciated security feature that can detect when Passwords saved on your iPhone are compromised. Apple calls it Password monitoring and alerts are triggered under the form of Security Recommendations. It’s an automated system that allows Safari to regularly check derivations of your passkeys and match them with a list of…