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iOS 11.3 Battery Health feature.

iOS 11.3 Brings New Battery Health Feature And iPhone Performance Management Controls

iOS 11.3 hasn’t been rolled out yet, but it’s slowly reaching the final beta testing stages. One of the new features that will be introduced by Apple, along this important software update, is the Battery Health info screen. This new submenu of the the Battery, Settings area has the role to inform the iPhone and…

iphone 8 v galaxy note 8 v s8+ video editing comparison

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Fastest Smartphones With Best Camera On The Market

The day when the iPhone 8 and its oversized sibling, the iPhone 8 Plus have reached the Apple Store shelves, it’s been also confirmed that the 2017 iPhone flagships are the fastest smartphones, owning the best camera ever created on a smartphone. Earlier this week, Geekbench 4 confirmed, on its official website, that the A11…

samsung vs tsmc iphone 6s a9 chips

10 Things About The iPhone 6S Chipgate

Today I’ll tackle a highly delicate subject that has topped the headlines of all major discussion forms and social media websites, in the last few days. It’s a controversy built around the newly releases iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models. You surly remember that last year we had a Bendgate caused by the size increase…