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google.com would like to use your current location safari

Google.com Would Like To Use Your Current Location? (Fixed!)

google.com would like to use your current location? Safari popup asks for location sharing every time when you search for something that’s similar to an address? This can be annoying but has an easy fix!…

paste from other apps iOS 16 setting

Paste From Other Apps iOS 16.1 Setting Not Available? (Fix?)

The new Paste from Other Apps setting is coming with the iOS 16.1 update and it aims to fix the annoying ‘Would you like to Paste from’ popups, that are exposing third-party apps when they attempt to copy the clipboard directly, without asking….

iOS 16 allow paste popup

iOS 16 Allow Paste Popup? Would Like To Paste From? (Fix!)

Are you annoyed by frequent iOS 16 Allow Paste requests? Popup asks if you would like to paste from and app to the other, even when data is imported between stock iOS applications? Here is what you can do about it!…

ios 14 app tracking permission popup

How To Enable App Tracking Permission Popup In iOS 14 (Allow Or Not?)

Have third-party iOS apps started to ask you if you would like to grant them ‘permission to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies’? This is a new iOS 14 privacy feature, called app tracking transparency. Apple plans to impose it at the beginning of 2021. However, some apps have already started…

Facebook Local Network Access prompt in iOS 14

iOS 14 Local Network Privacy Feature – To Allow Apps Or Not?

iOS 14 truly brings Privacy on your iPhone and iPad to another level. You can now control if the apps installed on your Apple smartphone are allowed to find and connect to devices on your local network. A pop up is displayed the first time you open an app that performs such actions. You’re asked…