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Lock Photos with Face ID

How To Lock Photos On iPhone With Face ID In iOS 16

You can finally lock photos on iPhone with Face ID! Starting with iOS 16, the Hidden and Recently Deleted albums of the stock Photos app are automatically protected by biometrics or Passcode….

Photos app freezing on iPhone

How To Fix Photos App Freezing On iPhone In iOS 15

Is the Photos app freezing on iPhone after the iOS 15 update? The app becomes unresponsive after sharing images via AirDrop or after selecting multiple pictures?…

photo slideshow not working on Mac

Photos Slideshow Not Working On Mac In macOS 12 (Fix?)

Are photo slideshows not working on Mac after macOS Monterey update? Is your computer only displaying the first image that you’ve selected and the animation freezes? The slideshow playback controls are unresponsive? Music is also not playing in the background?…

iPhone 13 blurry photos issue

iPhone 13 Photos Blurry, Low Quality, Too Processed? (Fix!)

Are iPhone 13 photos blurry? Do they look as if they’ve been oil painted during post-processing? You’re owning the most advanced iPhone Camera ever built but the photos shoot with your brand new device are unnatural? Users also label it as the iPhone 13 water color issue!…

Macro Photos iPhone 13

How To Shoot Macro Photos On iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro

Macro photos on iPhone are finally here. The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro devices are the first Apple smpartphones that support Macro mode in the stock Camera app! Just bring the lens close to the subject that you want to snap a close-up photography of. Zoom-in and shoot!…