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Macro Photos iPhone 13

How To Shoot Macro Photos On iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro

Macro photos on iPhone are finally here. The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro devices are the first Apple smpartphones that support Macro mode in the stock Camera app! Just bring the lens close to the subject that you want to snap a close-up photography of. Zoom-in and shoot!…

Photographic Styles on iPhone 13

How To Use Photographic Styles On iPhone 13 And 13 Pro

Photographic Styles is a new and exclusive feature of the iPhone 13 lineup. It allows you to personalize the look of your photos, by selecting one of the five presets available in the Camera app. The setups combine various Tone and Warmth settings allowing you to shoot spectacular pictures!…

how to disable Macro Photos

How To Disable Macro Photos On iPhone 13 Pro In iOS 15.1

Are you looking for a way to disable Macro photos on iPhone 13 Pro? Don’t get me wrong, this is a spectacular iOS 15 feature. However, sometimes it can become annoying. The viewfinder jitters when the camera module automatically switches between wide-angle to ultra-wide angle!…

Messages bug deletes Photos in iOS 15

Messages Bug Deletes Saved Photos From Threads In iOS 15

iOS 15 brings a lot of new features but an equal amount of bugs, especially in its initial release version. However, an issue covered by MacRumors takes it to a whole new level. Apparently, there is a bug in Messages that removes any saved Photos, when a thread is deleted!…

how to remove lens flares on iPhone

How To Remove Lens Flares From iPhone Photos In iOS 15

A less known iOS 15 feature removes lens flares from photos shot with an iPhone. This is done post processing with the help of the iPhone’s ISP (Image Signal Processor) hardware. Practically, the device is now able to detect unwanted lens flare and remove it from the frame during on-device post-processing….