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pokemon go speed limit warning

How To Get Past Pokemon GO Speed Limit Warning

Pokemon GO is the most popular mobile game of the moment, especially because it’s played outside and can perfectly mix with your real life. It can blend that good, that some Trainers can’t refrain from hunting the fantasy creatures while driving. This is obviously forbidden by common sense, traffic rules, you name it. In a…

pokemon go 1.3.1 update

Pokemon GO 1.3.1 Brings Stability Improvements, No Text Fixes

Niantic seeds another Pokemon GO update, just 2 days after the release of version 1.3.0, which was quite important and brought 9 changes to the game. This latest roll out is labeled 1.3.1 and brings only the general “Stability Improvements” to the most popular mobile game of the moment. A first timer is that the…

pokemon go nickname change confirmationpokemon go nickname change confirmation

How To Change Your Nickname In Pokemon GO

Niantic has recently released Pokemon GO version 1.3.0 an update that, among others, allows Trainers to change their Nickname. This is a surprising new addition, that might in favor of those trading Pokemon GO accounts. Until now, a Pokemon GO player had to choose a nickname for its Avatar, after catching the first pocket monster…

pokemon go 1.3.0 app store update

9 Changes Coming With Pokemon GO 1.3.0 For iOS – Battery Saver Is Back!

Niantic has just released another update for the phenomenon app of the moment. Pokemon GO for iOS reaches version 1.3.0, directly jumping from firmware 1.1.0. Letting numbers aside, the good news is that it brings back the much asked Battery Saver option, that was removed, because of malfunctioning, during the previous update. One other feature…

pokemon evolution benefits

6 Steps To Evolve Pokemon And Raise Their CP

One of the most exciting actions when playing Pokemon GO is the one that allows you to Evolve the fantasy creatures. This feature practically grows up a Pokemon and transforms it into a stronger species on its scale of evolution. The highest impact of this change is a increase in your monster’s CP, Combat Power….