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volume should be turned down notification

How To Stop Volume Should Be Turned Down Notification (TIL)

Getting the Volume Should Be Turned Down notification on iPhone frequently? You’re warned that ‘you’ve exceeded the recommended limit for audio exposure’ and are asked to lower headphone volume? You’re not the only one!…

homepod handoff too sensitive

HomePod Handoff Too Sensitive? Stop Handoff On iPhone!

HomePod handoff too sensitive for your setup? You’ve placed a HomePod on your desk but it’s constantly generating handoff notifications on iPhone? This is annoying and reduces productivity in the long term!…

report junk ios 16

How To Undo Report Junk On iPhone In iOS 16 (Turn Off?)

Are you looking for a way to undo Report Junk on iPhone? The new iOS 16 spam report setting is misleading and causing you to accidentally flag as spam a lot of texts, in the stock Messages app? Here is what you can do about it….

iphone infected by chinese imessage hack

How To Fix The Chinese Spam iMessage Hack

A hack that dispatches tons of spamming Messages from the “infected” iPhone is currently affecting a series of iOS users. The texts contain Chinese language advertising material and seem to infest those iPhone owners with poorly protected Apple account credentials. Luckily the texts are sent under the form of iMessages, so, if you got infected,…