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Print option missing from pages

Print Option Missing From Pages On iPad In iPadOS 16? (Fix!)

You’re looking to print a document in Pages, but the Print option is missing on iPad running iPadOS 16? You’re not the only one having this problem! That’s because Apple has relocated the Print function!…

macOS Ventura printing problems

macOS Ventura Printing Problems? Printer Not Working?

Are you experiencing macOS Ventura printing problems? Printer stopped working after updating to macOS 13 and 13.0.1 versions? Unable to configure printer, drivers missing? You’re not alone. Report your problem here….

sending PDF file created on iPhone

Create, Save and Send Content As PDF Using Your iPhone And iOS 10

An iOS 10 feature that you might have missed, allows you to create PDF Files without requiring you to use a third party App Store app anymore. PDF stands for Portable Document Format and is a a file type that includes an electronic image of a photo, text or text & photo. You can basically…