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WiFi Privacy Warning issue

WiFi Privacy Warning On iPhone: Encrypted DNS Traffic (Fix!)

Is your iPhone displaying a WiFi Privacy warning in iOS 15? Are you informed that the network is blocking encrypted DNS traffic? This means that other devices on the same network might track your browsing activity. This issue can be caused by a poor router configuration….

App Privacy Report iOS 15

How To Turn On App Privacy Report On iPhone In iOS 15

The App Privacy Report is finally here! Apple has highlighted it during WWDC21 but the feature did not make the cut in the initial iOS 15 release. It’s now available starting with iOS 15.2 and it replaces the Record App Activity option!…

Hide My Email in iCloud+

How To Hide My Email On iPhone, iPad & Mac With iCloud+

iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey come with a new Hide My Email feature that allows you to conceal your email address when interacting with websites and apps across the web. This new privacy option is available with iCloud+ (iCloud Plus), Apple’s premium version for iCloud….

Mail Privacy Protection for iPhone

How To Enable Mail Privacy Protection To Stop Tracking (iOS 15)

In iOS 15 you can enable Mail Privacy Protection! It’s a new feature that aims to prevent email tracking. When turned ON, it hides your IP address blocking senders from determining your location and tracking your online activity. It also hides info that can show trackers if and when you’ve opened an email….

Allow Apps to Request to Track greyed out fix

5 Ways To Fix Allow Apps To Request To Track Greyed Out

Apple has released the Allow Apps to Request to Track feature along with the iOS 14.5 update! However, a series of users are reporting that the option is inactive and won’t turn on, because it’s greyed out in Settings….