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ios 14 app tracking permission popup

How To Enable App Tracking Permission Popup In iOS 14 (Allow Or Not?)

Have third-party iOS apps started to ask you if you would like to grant them ‘permission to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies’? This is a new iOS 14 privacy feature, called app tracking transparency. Apple plans to impose it at the beginning of 2021. However, some apps have already started…

how to avoid iPhone hacks

Top 7 Ways to Make Sure Your iPhone Isn’t Exposed to Hackers

With an increasing number of daily activities and tasks performed on your iPhone, your strongly turning your iOS device in one of the most important assets that you own. Nowadays, we depend more on a smartphone than ever before and that’s why iPhone security is something that you shouldn’t oversee….

iPhone is Privacy Apple ad

iOS 14 Is Privacy-Focused And Apple Anticipates This In Its Latest iPhone Ad

We’re inching closer to the launch of iOS 14, one of the most privacy-focused iOS generation ever to be released. Apple plans to emphasize this and started to prepare the terrain. The Cupertino-tech giant release a funny iPhone ad today that mocks competitors for jeopardizing the privacy information of their users and highlights that iPhone…

Privacy Warning for Private Wi-Fi Address turned off

How To Turn On iPhone Private Wi-Fi Address In iOS 14

There’s no secret that iOS 14 is the most privacy oriented iOS version that ever existed. In this article we’ll talk about a new feature called Private Wi-Fi Address. When enabled it allows your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch to use a different MAC address for every Wi-Fi network that it connects to. This prevents…

iOS 14 Pasted from Clipboard banner notification

The iOS 14 Pasted From Clipboard Banner Notification

iOS 14 is highly privacy-oriented and adds many new features and enhancements that allow you to protect your sensitive data. One of them generates a new type of slide-in banner notifications whenever an app copies from the clipboard. This way you might discover apps sniffing in your clipboard even though you wouldn’t expect them to…