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Private Relay downtime

Private Relay Unavailable Due To A Technical Problem (Fix!)

Are you getting the iCloud Private Relay unavailable error? That’s because Apple’s premium privacy service is currently experiencing a worldwide downtime! Private Relay has been automatically deactivated for most users a couple of hours ago and a notification was issued on affected devices!…

Google Captcha problem in iOS 15

Getting Google Captcha In Safari On iPhone And Mac? (Fixed!)

Are you constantly getting Google Captcha in Safari on iPhone, iPad and Mac? Tests keep appearing ever since you updated to iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey? Apparently, Google gets confused by the new hide my iP address option available with Private Relay!…

Private Relay Unavailable Notification

Private Relay Unavailable, Private Relay Is Active In iOS 15

Is your iPhone displaying the Private Relay Unavailable notification? Are you informed that the privacy feature it will automatically turn back on when it is available? This happen when the Internet connection on your iOS or iPadOS device fails!…

Private Relay is turned off error

How To Fix Private Relay Is Turned Off For Wi-Fi Network

Are you getting the Private Relay is turned off error for a Wi-Fi network that your iPhone is connected to? The same warning claims that your network isn’t compatible with Private Relay? This could be caused by an iOS 15 bug that started surfacing during beta testing, more exactly in Beta 4….

Unable to load remote content privately

How To Fix Unable To Load Remote Content Privately In Mail

Are you getting the Unable to load remote content privately error in Mail? This issue can be common among iOS 15 users and is usually caused by the new Private Relay privacy feature. The warning message is triggered when an unread mail message is opened in the stock Mail app, Gmail, Yahoo and others….