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ios 16.2 update

iOS 16.2 Issues, Features, Bugs Fixed, New Problems & More

Apple has released iOS 16.2 build number 20C65 for iPhone 8 and later models! This update brings new features, improvements as well as bug fixes and security patches. Check them all out here along with known issues and new problems!…

macOS Ventura printing problems

macOS Ventura Printing Problems? Printer Not Working?

Are you experiencing macOS Ventura printing problems? Printer stopped working after updating to macOS 13 and 13.0.1 versions? Unable to configure printer, drivers missing? You’re not alone. Report your problem here….

iOS 16.2 beta 3

iOS 16.2 Beta 3 Issues, Problems Fixed, New Bugs & Features

Apple has released iOS 16.2 beta 3 build number 20C5049e for Developers. Public Beta will be released soon! Check out the new features included in this update as well as the issues fixed, ongoing problems, new bugs and everything else related….

macOS ventura 13.0.1

macOS 13.0.1 Problems, Bugs Fixed, Security Updates & More

Apple has released macOS 13.0.1 build number 22A400 for all compatible Macs! It’s a minor but very important update that fixes bugs and patches security issues! Check out all changes including old problems that remain unsolved as well as new glitches reported by users!…

iPadOS 16.1.1 update

iPadOS 16.1.1 Bugs Fixed, Security Updates, New Problems

Apple has rolled out iPadOS 16.1.1 build number 20B101 for all compatible iPad models! It’s a minor but very important release that brings bug fixes and security updates! Check out all changes including old issues that remain unsolved, as well as new problems that have been reported!…