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'Face ID Is Not Available' error prompt.

How To Fix ‘Face ID Is Not Available’ iOS 11.2 Error Message

Have you recently updated your iPhone X to iOS 11.2 only to find out that Face ID isn’t working on your 4-figure Apple flagship? Don’t panic, you’re not the only one hit by this glitch. The facial recognition feature is the iPhone Ten’s revolutionary user authentication method! It mostly works as advertised and can be…

app store app rating popup

How To Disable App Store In-App Rating Popups In iOS 11

The App Store has been completely redesigned in iOS 11. Apple made it more user-friendly and easier to navigate. Curators are featuring apps and games 24/7. Stories about your favorite software is shared by its designers. One important thing that has also changed is the way developers remind you to rate their apps. If you’re…

iphone messages logging annoying prompt

3 Steps To Fix The Annoying iPhone Messages Logging Popup

In the past few months we periodically received emails from readers complaining about a prompt entitled Messages Logging that appears out of the blue, on the iPhone’s screen. It’s a dialog box that comes with a text input field and a requirement that states “Please describe the problem briefly”, along with Cancel and OK buttons….

ios authentication required warning prompt

How To Handle The iPhone “Authentication Required – Password Will Be Sent In The Clear” Prompt

It doesn’t happen everyday to browse your iPhone and all of a sudden get a prompt that asks for your Apple ID credentials and informs you that your password will be sent in the clear, without any type of encryption. If you’re reading this article, you must have been flashed by the Authentication Required iOS…

iOS app may slow down your iphone warning

iOS 10.1 [App Name] Might Slow Down Your iPhone Warning Explanation

iOS 10.1 reintroduces the 32-bit warning for apps that haven’t been updated to comply with the iOS 10 requirements. Apple has asked developers ever since 2013 to update available apps to be 64-bit compatible and also encouraged coders to focus on creating new App Store applications that are optimized for 64-bit hardware. The iPhone 5S…