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ios 9 hide photos option

Hide and Unhide Multiple iPhone Photos

Some pictures in your iPhone’s Photos app are really deemed to stay private. This is why you might want to hide them and prevent a temporary user, of your device, from uncovering them. In iOS 8 and earlier you can use a stock feature to hide a picture, but the downside is that the command…

iphone all contacts hidden

This Is How To Hide Contacts On Your iPhone

You don’t have to be the average paranoiac to feel the need to protect some or all of your iPhone contacts. Situations arise, in our everyday life, that require partial or total privacy. Nowadays, information is power and if you own it, you have to learn how to protect it. This even applies to those…

iphone 5s screen protector

iPhone Screen Protector – A Mandatory Accessory

Purchasing a screen protector for your iOS terminal is a must. I take this to the extreme and say that you should first buy the thin multilayered film guard even before purchasing your favorite smartphone. It’s a pity not protect a $649 (current iPhone 5s price for contract-free purchase) valued device from the first moment…