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ios 14.3 beta 2 update

iOS 14.3 Beta 2: App Clip Code Scanning & Air Quality Health Recommendations

Apple has released the 2nd Beta of the upcoming iOS 14.3 / iPadOS 14.3 software update for iPhone and iPad. This version is now available for both Developers and Public Beta testers and can be downloaded over-the-air as long as the iOS 14 beta profile is installed on your device. As usual, it fixes some…

iOS 14.3 public beta features

iOS 14.3 Public Beta Features: ProRAW, AirPods Studio, AirTags & More

Apple has seeded the first public beta of iOS 14.3 and you can install it too, for free! All that you have to do is to download and install the iOS 14 Beta Profile on your iPhone or iPad. This will allow you to upgrade to iOS 14.3 Beta over-the-air from the Settings app….

A New iOS Update Is Now Available prompt

How To Fix ‘A New iOS Update Is Now Available’ (Please Update From The iOS 14 Beta)

Is your iPhone displaying the ‘A New iOS Update Is Now Available’ popup, but there’s no actual software update available? This bug has recently flared up on devices running the iOS 14 beta version, more exactly iOS 14.2 Beta. The problem is really annoying because the dialog box shows up repeatedly asking users to ‘update…

how to update to iOS 14.2 beta

How To Update iPhone To iOS 14.2 Beta (Bug Fixes & New Features)

Apple has just released iOS 14.1 with 13 bug fixes, but there are still many other iOS 14 glitches that remained unaddressed. The most annoying an ‘dangerous’ issue is the bug that randomly mutes Ringer and Alerts on your iPhone. It leads to missed phone calls, late wake ups and can literally compromise your entire…

Switch from iOS 14 beta to iOS 14

How To Switch From iOS 14 Beta To iOS 14 Public Release

There are two ways to install iOS 14 on an iPhone that already runs an iOS 14 Beta version. You can either update the device to the iOS 14 Golden Master version, which was released on September 15 and has the same build number, 18A373, as the iOS 14 public release. Or, delete the iOS…