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double-click iphone x side button to install app store apps

How To Validate App Store Downloads On The iPhone X

Even the way you download apps from the App Store changes after you upgrade to the iPhone X. Since, iOS 10.3 you have to validate a download for both paid and free apps and games. This means that the first time you want to download an iPhone or iPad application that is labeled with GET…

iphone x discount

How To Buy The iPhone X With A Discount Of $350

We’re only a few days away from the start of the iPhone X pre-orders. The 10th anniversary iPhone is the most expensive smartphone ever sold by Apple. The 2017 flagship starts at a whopping $999, without taxes, which means that the pay in full total bill will surpass $1,050 and this is only the 64…

iphone x pre-order promo

5 iPhone X Pre-Order Tips For Worldwide Apple Fans

The 10th anniversary iPhone is only a few days away from reaching the hands of the first Apple customers that will be lucky enough to grab it. If you want to be one of the early adopters here are a few tips that will help you to maximize your chances. In case you’re not aware…

app store all purchases in ios 11

How To Review All Apps You’ve Downloaded From App Store In iOS 11

Almost everything has changed in the App Store starting with iOS 11. The redesigned iOS app market is now intensively curated by in-house editors that aim to highlight more apps and games and tailor them to your needs. However, every now and then you might wanna review the apps that you’ve downloaded in the past….

download all purchased tones ios 11 option

How To Download All Ringtones Ever Purchased From iTunes On iPhone & iPad In iOS 11

Among the multitude of new features included in iOS 11 there is one that allows you to redownload all ringtones that you ever purchased from iTunes, with your Apple ID. This allows you to easily grab your favorite tones whenever you upgrade your iPhone or iPad. You can lose your ringtones even if you don’t…