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ios 11.1 multiple emoji suggestions feature

iOS 11.1 Adds Multiple Emoji Suggestions To The Predictive Keyboard

A new feature coming with the first major iOS 11 iteration is that the Predictive Keyboard is now able to provide multiple emoji suggestions. In previous iOS 11 firmware versions your iPhone and iPad was able to link a single emoticon to a keyword. We all know how much attention Apple gives to the emoji…

iOS 11 one-handed Keyboard on iPhone.

iOS 11 Brings One-Handed QuickType Keyboard To iPhone

Ever since Apple has expanded the iPhone from a 4-inch display to 4.7 and 5.5 inches, typing with a single hand has become a bit of a challenge. It often happens that you need to reply to a message or have any other reason for inputting text on your iOS device while holding a cup…