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watchOS 5 Raise to Speak Siri feature.

How To Wake Siri Without Using The Apple Watch’s Digital Crown

watchOS 5 brings a lot of new features and enhancements to your Apple Watch. We’ve already informed you about the new Walkie-Talkie feature, that allows you to connect with another smartwatch owner with the help of a push-to-talk system. In this article I’ll tackle a handy new option that involves Siri. The virtual assistant is…

hey siri feature

Hey Siri iOS 8 Controversy

One of the most controversial features implemented in the new iOS 8 is the ‘Hey Siri’ command, which can be used to call your iPhone’s virtual assistant, by simple voice command. However, how revolutionary this might sound, the way this new feature works and what other popular option it replaces, makes it an important subject…

siri answers to call

Raise to Speak: A Must Use Siri Gesture Shortcut!

I assume that you are pressing and holding your Home Button to call Siri on your iPhone. That’s the procedure used by most iOS users to call their built-in voice assistant. However, here is a shortcut that will allow you to use Siri with a simple and very efficient gesture! Yes, I’m talking about the…