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iphone 8 tap to wake gesture

iPhone 8 Tap To Wake Feature

With no physical Home button available on the 10th anniversary iPhone, new ways of waking up the phone are anticipated. Raise to wake, borrowed from the Apple Watch and added in iOS 10 to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will become one of the most used features. However, it’s highly likely that the…

rest finger to open iphone

Raise To Wake + Rest Finger To Open New iPhone Unlock Combo

According to the latest changes introduced by iOS 10 as well as the upcoming iPhone 7 and future generation hardware tendencies the Slide to Unlock era will soon be a thing of the past. It’s in fact confirmed that it will be replaced by Press to Unlock with the iOS 10 release, scheduled for this…

iOS 10 raise to wake

The iOS 10 Raise To Wake iPhone Feature

One of the new features that you’ll surly love with iOS 10 is called Raise to Wake and has the function to light up the display of your iPhone whenever you pick it out of your pocket, lift it from a desk, or any other similar surface. This means that you can read missed notifications…