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iphone time keeps going back an hour

iPhone Time Keeps Going Back An Hour In iOS 16? (Fix!)

iPhone time keeps going back an hour although Daylight Saving Time has already ended? DST time change happened on November 6, but clock on your iOS 16 device continues to go backwards one hour? This unexpected behavior happens randomly, overnight?…

iphone restarting ios 16

iPhone Restarting iOS 16 Issue? Device Rebooting Randomly?

Is your iPhone restarting randomly after iOS 16 update? Device reboots over and over again, every couple of minutes or several times a day? Issue occurs unexpectedly and hasn’t been fixed by the iOS 16.1 or iOS 16.1.1 updates? You’re not alone!…

Samsung TV turns off by itself

Samsung TV Turns Off By Itself, After A Few Minutes? (Fix!)

Samsung TV turns off by itself? It happened to me last night, three times, while watching Netflix. What intrigued me is that every time it took the same amount of time, a few minutes only, until the TV would power off without me touching the remote….

Apple Watch calling 911 by itself

How To Fix Apple Watch Calling 911 By Itself (Emergency SOS)

Is your Apple Watch calling 911 by itself? The Emergency SOS feature is triggered when the user presses and holds the Side Button for 5 seconds. Visual and acoustic signals, along with a countdown are played to make you aware that an emergency call is about to happen….

HomePod randomly playing music

HomePod Randomly Playing Music During The Night? (Fixed!)

Is your HomePod randomly playing music? Does it happen even in the middle of the night? This issue is very annoying especially if the sound on your smart speaker remains set at a high level!…