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Using the iPhone XS Max with a single hand

How To Use The iPhone XS, XS Max And XR With A Single Hand

If you’re a fresh owner of one of Apple’s Home Button-less flagships you might wonder how you can use the device with a single hand. iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max owners definitely need to use the Reachability trick in order to be able to access every part of the screen. However, those of us…

iphone x reachability feature

How To Use The Reachability Trick On The iPhone X

The great news is that Apple has made the Reachability feature available on the iPhone X too. However, remember that the 10th anniversary iPhone doesn’t include a Home button and this key is used on all previous iPhone models to invoke Reachability. A light tap on Home brings down the screen for better reach of…

iphone 6 plus reachability tip

iPhone 6 Plus Reachability Tips

So, you’re not sure if you should upgrade for the new iPhone 6 or better opt for the super-sized iPhone 6 Plus! You consider the physical aspect and think about how practical it is to reach the 5.5″ display, right? Well, that’s perfectly common as numerous readers contacted us in the past few days and…