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How to disable the Last Seen WhatsApp feature

How To Hide Last Seen And Read Receipts Info From Your WhatsApp Profile

There are moments when you don’t want to disclose too much information about yourself. WhatsApp as all other major social messaging platforms can be very transparent. By default, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app is set to publicly display the time of day when you’ve used the app for the last time. This allows chat partners…

Facebook Messenger read receipt sound alert bug

How To Stop Facebook Messenger From Playing “Read” Alerts When iPhone Is Locked

Those of you that use FB Messenger might have already noticed that the Facebook owned instant messaging app plays the “Read” sound even if your iOS device is locked and you’re not actively using the software. The “Seen” feature allows you to know if your message was read or not by your conversation partner. The…

imessage send read receipt example

iMessage Send Read Receipts Customization Featured in iOS 10

Apple has finally given iPhone users the option to tweak the Send Read Receipts setting for individual iMessage contacts. This feature handles how a text partner is able to see the interaction with his message. More clearly, when you receive a text from a contact, you can choose if you want to allow the sender…