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How to mark all unread texts as read in Messages

How To Mark All Unread Texts As Read In The Messages App

If you’re a heavy duty iPhone user you are surly receiving a lot of messages from contacts, various web services and other subscriptions. In iOS 12 you can set notifications for an app in question to Deliver Quietly if it buzzes you too often. However, ignoring the new texts will result in a pile of…

ios 11 new icloud terms and conditions

iOS 11 Bug: New iCloud Terms And Conditions Display In Japanese Language (Workaround Available!)

The 11th iOS generation brings a lot of new features and handy changes. However, such a large scale upgrade still includes a series of bugs and glitches even after three months of intensive beta testing. Another iOS 11 minor bug surfaced today as Apple updated its New iCloud Terms and Conditions. If you attempt to…