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Apple News Magazine reading position

How To Save Your Apple News Reading Position

Apple News isn’t too popular among iPhone users and one of the reason could be the fact that there is no way to save your reading progress. If you attempt to read a 15,000-word-long New Yorker magazine article on your iOS device, there is a high chance that you’ll have to also reply to some…

iOS 12 Apple Books welcome message.

iOS 12 Apple Books Is A Revamped Version Of iBooks

Apple has introduced a series of new apps in iOS 12 like Measure, for measuring objects and surfaces and Shortcuts for collecting automation tasks that significantly improve the iPhone usability. It has also revamped a classic: iBooks which is now called Apple Books and along the new name the application also features a new look….

iPhone 5s invert colors

iPhone Invert Colors Tips and Tricks

A highly intriguing iOS setting is the Invert Colors one. You can reverse the displayed colors of your iPhone’s screen by enabling this option from the Settings menu. Your device will alter its display and your 5S home screen will look identical with the image captured in the media available nearby! Many iPhone users consider…

iPhone speak selection

Activate, Set and Use Speak Selection on iPhone

Believe it or not your iPhone can read text for you! You can select any text from within a message, mail or the Safari web browser and ask your Apple device to read it loud for you. This can prove especially useful when you are in a rush and can’t read the text yourself, or…