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iphone x animoji demo

How To Record And Send Animoji Messages On iPhone X

The TrueDepth camera system, embedded in the front notch of the iPhone X, isn’t used just for Face ID usage. The revolutionary facial mapping system also powers the Animoji feature, which comes as another exclusive characteristic of the iPhone ‘Ten’. As the name suggest, Animojis are animated emojis that come to life to reflect your…

ios 10 digital touch messages feature

6 Ways To Send Digital Touch Messages With iPhone and iPad

The Messages app receives a huge and much awaited upgrade with the release of iOS 10. Your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch borrow functionality from the Apple Watch and are now able to send your Heart Beat, Taps and Animated Sketches. More, the Messages app has it’s own iMessage App Store market with apps available…

apple watch workouts saved in ios health app

How To Review Apple Watch Saved Workouts

Tracking your fitness routines has never been easier, since owning an Apple Watch. The stock Workout app monitors your exercising and informs you about their duration, calories burned, average heart rate, distance run and much more. Every time you finish tracking a workout, you’re prompted with a summary of your performance and have two options:…