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apple watch with expanded battery

Original Apple Watch Gets Free Replacement Coverage For Up To 3 Years In Case of Deformed Battery

The Apple Watch has just turned 2 years of age. The watchOS device was first released on April 24, 2015 and has managed to dominate the smartwatch industry ever since. Confirming Apple’s high standards, the 1st generation Apple Watch has aged nicely, and proves to be a reliable gadget. There aren’t significant negative reports or…

Retail iPhone boxes

How To Know If Your iPhone Is A Retail Or Refurbished Unit

Here is a great tip for all you Apple fans that make a habit of purchasing used iPhone units. Did you know that you can find two types of iPhones on the second-hand market? These can be Retail or Refurbished units. Both of them are of course manufactured by Apple. The retail ones are those…