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Items That Can Track Me in Find My

How To Scan For AirTags And Other ‘Items That Can Track Me’

Starting with iOS 15.2 users are able to make iPhone scan for AirTags and other unknown ‘Items That Can Track Me’. This is a new anti-stalking feature available in the Find My app….

How to scan documents in the Notes app

How To Scan Documents With Your iPhone And The Notes App

Starting with iOS 11 the built-in Notes app includes a document scan feature that allows you to convert print-based content to digital files. Everything from letters, receipts and other documents can be scanned using the iPhone and iPad camera. All that you have to do is open the Notes app, create a new note by…

scan and search amazon shortcut for ios 12

Download And Use iOS 12 Shortcut For Easily Searching Products On Amazon

Another great new feature implemented along iOS 12 is the Shortcuts app which allows iPhone and iPad users to create various automation patterns for your daily, or frequently used smartphone actions. However, creating shortcuts can prove itself overwhelming for the majority of iPhone users. The good news though, is that once created, a shortcut can…

setting up face id for quick unlocks

2 Tricks To Make Face ID Unlock The iPhone X Even Faster

Face ID is certainly one of the most spectacular features packed in the iPhone X! Although this is a first generation product, the TrueDepth camera system works surprisingly well and has received positive feedback across the web. It’s that it might be tricked by identical twins, or forced to unlock by two different persons. But…

ios 11 camera qr scanning demo

Camera App Enhanced With QR Code Scanning Feature In iOS 11

Gone are the days when you need to download QR Code readers from the App Store. Starting with iOS 11, Apple’s in-house developers have coded this capability directly in the the stock Camera app. This means that you only have to open the viewfinder and point it to the QR Code. The iPhone or iPad…