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iOS 15 Screen Time bug

iOS 15 Screen Time Bug Showing Wrong Usage Times (Fixed!)

A strange iOS 15 Screen Time bug is causing iPhone to display wrong screen on times! The data is obviously inaccurate because users confirm values of 24 hours or more, which is obviously impossible! The most frequent apps involved in this glitch are Safari and Twitter….

Screen Time Bug in iOS 14

How To Fix Screen Time Bug In iOS 14 (False Reports, Lags, Delays)

Is Screen Time on your iPhone not working as expected since you updated to iOS 14? You’re not the only one. We’ve got numerous mails from readers complaining about Screen Time false reports, lags, delays and even a broken theme. Let’s check out some troubleshooting tips that you can apply until Apple issues a software…

How to Reset Screen Time Passcode in iOS 12

How To Reset The Screen Time Passcode In iOS 12

Screen Time is one of the most advertised new features of iOS 12! It provides detailed data about the time that you spend on your iPhone and allows you to become more productive by reducing the time spent on apps that are labeled as “time wasters”. With Screen Time you know which apps you use…

Turn Off iPhone Screen Time feature.

How To Disable iOS 12 Screen Time Feature And Save iPhone Battery Life

Screen Time is a feature introduced in iOS 12 that provides real-time reports about how you spend your time on your iPhone or iPad. This way you can analyze how much time you “waste” while social networking or how long you focus on productivity, in an attempt to become more efficient while browsing your smartphone….

ios 12 screen time info

iOS 12 New Screen Time Feature For iPhone And iPad

Nowadays we spend more and more time each day on our iPhones, so much that it seems that we don’t have enough left to complete all the tasks anymore. This happens because of the various distraction that are found on an iOS device. A sudden notification can disturb you from your activity in a Productivity…