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Tag: Screen

how to enable apple watch theater mode

Apple Watch Theater Mode Tips and Tricks

Apple has finally provided a solution for those unpleasant moments when the Apple Watch might disturb nearby audience in theaters and cinemas. Various notifications and alarms along accidental wrist raises will usually light up the smartwatch’s display and annoy people nearby and even yourself, while watching an interesting movie or following a nice play. However,…

duet display app store deal

Duet Display 50% Sale For A Limited Time Only ($19.99 ->$9.99)

If you missed the iDisplay sale, that we featured a couple of weeks ago, you can grab a similar app, that comes with an identical discount. Duet Display is the No. 1 best selling iPad app in US, UK, Japan and 18 other countries. It allows you to transform your iPhone or iPad in an…

stuck pixel on iPhone screen

Easiest Way To Fix A Stuck Or Dead Pixel On Your iPhone Or iPad

Although chances are slim, you might be one of the unlucky ones that buys a new iPhone that comes with one or more stuck or defective pixels. This isn’t the end of the world and you might be happy to find out that there are high chances that you can fix this issue yourself. If…

Send iMessage with Fireworks Screen Effect.

The 9 Animations Available For Sending iPhone Messages With Effect

In iOS 10 the built-in Messages app has received a full redesign and comes with much more functionality. Starting with its own App Store section and the ability of installing message specific apps. Continuing with the Digital Touch feature, imported from the Apple Watch, which allows you to send your heartbeat, various sketches, taps and…