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screen unresponsive during calls ios 16

Screen Unresponsive During Calls? Unable To End Call: iOS 16

Is your iPhone screen unresponsive during calls? Are you unable to end call after iOS 16 update? Taps and button presses not recognized? Call ends only when the conversation partner hangs up? You’re not alone!…

iphone 14 pro gap between frame and screen

iPhone 14 Gap Between Frame And Screen (How To Fix!)

iPhone 14 shipped with a slight gap between the frame and screen? Are you able to see the device’s internals if you carefully inspect the device? You’re not the only one and this problem isn’t new either!…

apple watch ultra sand stuck

Apple Watch Ultra Sand Stuck Between Frame And Screen?

Have you managed to fit sand between the Apple Watch Ultra frame and its screen? You’re not sure how to get it out without scratching the device? Thankfully there are a couple of ways to do it without damaging your watch….

iphone screen flickering ios 16

iPhone Screen Flickering When Typing In iOS 16? (Fix?)

Is your iPhone screen flickering when typing after iOS 16 update? Does this happen especially when grey backgrounds are displayed or when screen is using low brightness levels? Flickers are noticeable when the stock keyboard is active, in Notes, Safari, Youtube, Translate, Alarm app and more!…