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connecting to wi-fi network from apple watch

How To Connect To Wi-Fi Networks Directly From The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is becoming more and more independent with each new hardware and software generation. Thanks to watchOS 5, Apple Watch owners are now able to connect to a new Wi-Fi network directly from the Apple Watch. Until now the wrist-worn device was only able to borrow access to Wi-Fi hotspots which had been…

Apple Watch Scribble Feature

5 Apple Watch Scribble Tips and Tricks Coming With watchOS 3

Typing text on an Apple Watch was impossible until the release of watchOS 3. Replying to Mails and Messages had to rely solely on Dictation, Suggested Replies or Emojis. Scribble changes this and adds the text writing option to your smartwatch! It actually converts handwriting to digital text. Let’s see how and learn a few…