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iphone scrolls back to top by itself

How To Fix iPhone Scrolls Back To Top By Itself (iOS 15.5)

iPhone scrolling up by itself after iOS 15.5 update? Is the content unexpectedly returning to the top of an app or a webpage, as if a ghost touch is registered at the top of the screen occur while you’re scrolling down? This can be very annoying and time consuming!…

iPad mini scrolling issue

iPad mini Scrolling Issue: Jelly Screen in iPadOS 15

Is your brand new iPad mini 6 experiencing scrolling problems in Portrait orientation? Does the text look like it’s tilting towards the side of the screen as it rolls up or down in Safari, Mail or any other app that displays large chunks of text? This eye-straining effect has been called ‘jelly scrolling’ and is…

YouTube scrolling bug in macOS Big Sur

How To Fix YouTube Scrolling Not Working In macOS Big Sur

Is YouTube scrolling not working on your Mac since you’ve updated to macOS Big Sur? You’re trying to use the swipe-up to scroll gesture on the MacBook trackpad or the Magic trackpad but it’s glitching out? Scrolling with Magic Mouse doesn’t work either? This appears to be a common issue….

apple watch vertical dock in watchos 4

3 Changes Coming To The Apple Watch Dock In watchOS 4

The Dock panel has been introduced to the Apple Watch along with the release of watchOS 3. It’s an interface that facilitates easy switching between apps, similar with the App Switcher feature available in iOS. The most recent used apps are one button press away. Clicking the smartwatch’s Side button, opens up the Dock, which…

scroll photos to bottom

iPhone Tap To Scroll To Top/Bottom Trick

With the increasing storage space available on our portable Apple devices, it often happens that we find ourselves scrolling through thousands of images within Camera Roll. There’s a great risk of wasting several seconds to scroll all the way to the top or back to the bottom, while skimming for an old photo. However, here…