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ios 11 landscape tabs scrubber in safari

iOS 11 Adds Open Tabs Scrubber To Safari Landscape View

Another add-on that we just spotted while toying with the iOS 11 Beta version is the horizontal tabs scrubber that’s now available in Safari. All open tabs available in the stock iPhone and iPad Internet browser are one tap away if you flick your device horizontally and switch for the landscape view. The new scrubber…

ios 9 photos scrubber

iOS 9 Photos Scrubber And Mass Selector Tools

The built-in Photos app also got its fair share of upgrades with the release of iOS 9. The most noticeable change is the new Scrubber, available in the bottom part of the image preview screen. Swiping across this banner, composed by the multitude of adjacent images, from your iPhone’s Camera Roll (or any other folder),…