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Mac System Data large

Mac System Data Large After macOS Ventura Update? (Fix?)

Mac System Data takes up a large amount of storage space after macOS Ventura Update? You’ve recently upgraded to macOS 13 and are seeing high or huge values between 30 GB and up to 80 GB of storage blocked by the system?…

live activities not working ios 16

Live Activities Not Working, Not Showing Up In iOS 16? Fix!

Live Activities not working on iPhone in iOS 16? Live scores not showing up on Lock Screen after updating to iOS 16.1? You’re using an app that supports this new feature but live tracking is not available on your device? Here is how to fix it!…

paste from other apps iOS 16 setting

Paste From Other Apps iOS 16.1 Setting Not Available? (Fix?)

The new Paste from Other Apps setting is coming with the iOS 16.1 update and it aims to fix the annoying ‘Would you like to Paste from’ popups, that are exposing third-party apps when they attempt to copy the clipboard directly, without asking….

report junk ios 16

How To Undo Report Junk On iPhone In iOS 16 (Turn Off?)

Are you looking for a way to undo Report Junk on iPhone? The new iOS 16 spam report setting is misleading and causing you to accidentally flag as spam a lot of texts, in the stock Messages app? Here is what you can do about it….

facebook background activity on iphone

How To Stop Facebook Background Activity On iPhone

Are you looking for a way to stop Facebook background app activity on iPhone? You’ve disabled the permission in Settings but FaceBook keeps running in the background and drains the battery of your iOS device?…