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trick to remove contact from share suggestions in iOS 14

How To Remove Contact From Share Sheet Suggestions In iOS 14

The iPhone packs a lot of features but some times they don’t work as expected. In iOS 14 you can fine tune them with the help of additional options. Have you ever accidentally shared media to the wrong contact? This can happen when you tap by mistake on a Share Sheet Contact Suggestion. Thankfully, once…

drag and drop share activity icons

Drag & Drop Icons To Easily Customize Share Sheet Options In iOS 10

With iOS becoming more and more complex, interaction between apps and sharing data from one application to another has become a frequent activity. As we’ve already shown you in the past, the Share Sheet options available with various iPhone and iPad apps are customizable. You can enable or disable various Share Extensions as well as…

ios share extensions settings menu

How To Customize Your iOS Share Extensions

Nowadays we share media more often than ever! With the ever growing community of smartphone users, the development of social networking and social media apps is encouraging us to send photos, videos, websites and other content to our iOS contacts. Whether you need to share work related documents, or your latest holiday pictures the iPhone’s…