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Extra Low Power mode iPhone shortcut.

Download iOS Shortcut For An Extra iPhone Low Power Mode

Apple has introduced the Low Power Mode in iOS 9, to help iPhone users to extend the usage time of their smart devices. However, the feature is still only an ON / OFF option available in the Control Center. It doesn’t come with additional configuration possibilities. Thanks to iOS 12 and the Shortcuts app, I’m…

ios 12 siri suggestion

iOS 12 Siri Suggestions, Shortcuts And Other Enhancements

Siri has become far more intelligent in iOS 12 along with Apple’s decision of including the Workflow app in the operating system. The iPhone and iPad virtual assistant is now able to suggest and process Shortcuts, which make your interaction with Apple’s smart devices even more intuitive. What’s more important is that it saves additional…

how to 3d touch for true tone displaytouch shortcut

iOS 11 3D Touch Shortcut For True Tone Display On iPhone X And iPhone 8

Apple has added the True Tone Display feature in iOS 11, but this new option is only available with the newly released 2017 iPhone flagships. So, if you upgraded to the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus you might be interested to find out a hidden 3D Touch feature that allows you to…

iphone x emergency sos

The iPhone X Emergency SOS Shortcut

Unfortunately, sometimes situations arise when we are in a sudden need of help and a timely SOS call can become lifesaving. However, if you don’t know the Emergency service number, or the situation doesn’t allow you to open the Phone app and manually dial 911, iOS 11 has a nice feature to help you out….

iphone x accessibility settings

How To Trigger The iPhone X Accessibility Shortcut

One more iOS functionality that’s usually triggered with the help of the Home button is the Accessibility Shortcut. Obviously, Apple’s engineers had to find another way to enable this feature on the Home button-less iPhone X. The Accessibility section hosts a series of features that aim to improve the user’s interaction with the device in…