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How to change app icons on iPhone

How To Change iPhone App Icons And Rename Apps In iOS & iPadOS 14

Home Screen widgets have become very popular for Apple gadget owners since the release of iOS 14. However, a less known iOS 14 enhancement allows pro-users to also change the app icons, thus fully customize the look of the iPhone and iPad Home Screen….

iPhone Flashlight and Camera lock screen shortcuts

How To Quickly Turn On The iPhone Flashlight Or Camera From The Lock Screen

It’s hard not to notice the two icons available in the bottom corners of your iPhone’s Lock Screen. On the left you have the Flashlight shortcut, while in the other corner you have the Camera quick access. However, there is not shame to admit that you don’t know how to trigger them. I know many…

3D touching a reminder in the iOS reminders app.

Do You Know This 3D Touch iOS Reminders Trick?

3D Touch never stops to surprise us. This revolutionary pressure sensitive technology, embedded in iPhones starting with the 6S model, allows iOS developers to insert various shortcuts and settings all over the UI. Just when you think that you know about all hidden options available in your iPhone or iPad, you accidentally uncover a new…

iOS 12 "Unable to Load" shortcuts widget error.

How To Fix The “Unable to Load” Error Of The Shortcuts’ Widget

Along with iOS 12 apple has also premiered the Shortcuts app, which replaces Workflow and has the role to allow users to create multi-step shortcuts involving stock as well as third party apps. These highly customizable shortcuts can be created to automate commonly used tasks on your iPhone and iPad. They can be configured to…

spotify shortcut for playing music via siri

iOS 12 Shortcut For Playing Music From Spotify Via Siri

If you haven’t converted to Apple Music and are continuing to be a loyal Spotify customer, you will surly find this shortcut helpful! Starting with iOS 12, Apple has introduced the Shortcuts app to the iPhone and iPad. This new software allows users to automatize various usage patterns and spare time when using the iPhone…