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iphone shutting off randomly ios 16.6

iPhone Shutting Off Randomly After iOS 16.6 Update?

iPhone shutting off randomly after iOS 16.6 update? It happens during the night while the device is plugged in? It only powers back on after a couple of hours? In the morning, you’re asked to enter Passcode to enable Face ID?…

you shut down computer because of a problem

You Shut Down Your Computer Because Of A Problem Pop-Up?

Getting the You shut down your computer because of a problem pop-up every time Mac boots? You’re asked if you want to open the applications that were open when you shut down? This is a common bug of the early macOS Ventura stages?…

Samsung TV turns off by itself

Samsung TV Turns Off By Itself, After A Few Minutes? (Fix!)

Samsung TV turns off by itself? It happened to me last night, three times, while watching Netflix. What intrigued me is that every time it took the same amount of time, a few minutes only, until the TV would power off without me touching the remote….

Apple Watch unexpected shutdown

How To Fix Apple Watch Battery Percentage & Random Shutdown Issue

We’ve recently received a report about an Apple Watch that displays inaccurate battery readings and shuts down when the battery percentage reaches the 50% level. We couldn’t replicate the issue on our own watchOS devices but have found a series of other similar claims on Apple’s Discussion Forums. It seems that the most affected model…

iPhone XR with black screen issue.

How To Fix iPhone XR With Black Screen Of Death

This post is generated by a recent event that occurred to one of our iPhone models.The XR stopped working all of a sudden and displayed a black screen as if the device shutdown out of the blue. The iPhone XR did not react to the Raise to Wake gesture, to Side Button presses, nor to…