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Unresponsive iPhone XS

What To Do If iPhone XS Becomes Unresponsive And Display Doesn’t Wake!

The iPhone XS is the best Apple smartphone ever manufactured, at this point in time. However, nothing is perfect and neither is this 4-figure iOS device. iOS 12 is also the most advanced iPhone and iPad operating system ever created. Nevertheless, it isn’t bug-free and probably, never be, no matter how many updates Apple issues….

how to turn off iphone x

2 Ways To Power Off The iPhone X

The iPhone ‘Ten’ is the first iOS device that doesn’t pack a Home button, in order to be able to display edge-to-edge. Because of this, a lot of the commands and gestures traditionally associated with an iPhone are different. We’ve already shown you 5 iPhone X gestures that replace the Home button’s functionality. As reported,…

how to turn off iphone without power button

How To Turn Your iPhone On And Off Without Using The Power Button

Starting with iOS 11, iPhone and iPad users have a second option of shutting down their devices. Now, you can power them off without pressing and holding the Power button. It’s not a feature that you will use too often, because smartphones and tablets are designed to run 24/7, but if the situation arises it’s…

iPhone 6s battery replacement

iPhone 6S Free Battery Replacement Program For Unexpected Shutdowns

After a series of iPhone 6s owners have repeatedly reported that their iOS terminals are shutting down out of the blue, Apple has analyzed the claims and officially admits that a certain amount of iPhones that have been manufactured between September and October 2015 might come with a faulty battery. They state that the manufacturing…

force restart apple watch trick

How To Force Restart The Apple Watch

We’ve just put our hands on Apple’s first generation smartwatch and most gadget enthusiasts agree that the Watch doesn’t look, nor act, as a first edition device. The Cupertino-based company has managed to pull of another impressive gadget. However, we have to be aware that watch OS is at it’s inaugural release and there might…