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iphone x emergency sos

The iPhone X Emergency SOS Shortcut

Unfortunately, sometimes situations arise when we are in a sudden need of help and a timely SOS call can become lifesaving. However, if you don’t know the Emergency service number, or the situation doesn’t allow you to open the Phone app and manually dial 911, iOS 11 has a nice feature to help you out….

iphone x accessibility settings

How To Trigger The iPhone X Accessibility Shortcut

One more iOS functionality that’s usually triggered with the help of the Home button is the Accessibility Shortcut. Obviously, Apple’s engineers had to find another way to enable this feature on the Home button-less iPhone X. The Accessibility section hosts a series of features that aim to improve the user’s interaction with the device in…

how to ask siri a question on iphone x

How To Invoke Siri On The iPhone X

So, you just upgraded to the iPhone Ten and are looking for a way to wake up Siri and command your way through the iOS environment. Of course, that you can’t use the traditional Home button double-click command because, obviously, there is no Home key available. The iPhone X’s gorgeous edge-to-edge OLED display leaves no…

double-click iphone x side button to install app store apps

How To Validate App Store Downloads On The iPhone X

Even the way you download apps from the App Store changes after you upgrade to the iPhone X. Since, iOS 10.3 you have to validate a download for both paid and free apps and games. This means that the first time you want to download an iPhone or iPad application that is labeled with GET…

how to take a screenshot on the iphone x

How To Screenshot The iPhone X

Without a Home button, traditional iOS functions receive completely new ways of being called to action in the case of the iPhone ‘Ten’. From the most simple of commands, like turning the device ON, which is usually achieved with a long press of the Power button, but in the case of the iPhone X, it’s…