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Apple Watch Do Not Disturb Mode Tips

We all have our moments when we wish to remain distraction free, at least for a little while! Now, with the Apple Watch on our wrist, we added yet another source of beeps, ringers and other sounds as well as haptics! They try their best to make sure that we don’t miss an important notification,…

apple watch hand cover to mute trick

Apple Watch Hand Cover To Mute Trick

Time to find out how to silence your Apple Watch, in case you get caught off guard, by an incoming phone call! Use a sneaky trick to find your way out of trouble, if you forget to bring your wrist gadget in Silent or Do Not Disturb mode, while attending to a meeting or finding…

how to mute your iphone

iPhone Do Not Disturb Mode vs Ring/Silent Switch

With the fast paced lifestyle we’re experiencing nowadays, we often feel the need for a little breathing space. This is why we choose to switch our iPhones on Silent mode whenever we need a few minutes with ourselves, or simply need to rest without being disturbed. In this posting I’ll show you how to properly…