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restart apple tv remote

How To Restart Apple TV Remote To Fix Issues And Glitches

Do you know that you can restart the Apple TV remote? Yes, you can reset Siri remote without rebooting Apple TV. It’s a handy troubleshooting option when issues occur that prevent the remote from controlling Volume and other options on your smart TV!…

apple tv no sound issues

Apple TV Audio Not Working? No Sound On Samsung TV? (Fix!)

Apple TV sound not working anymore after tvOS 16.5? No more audio output on Samsung TV although you haven’t changed any settings? Others have reported this too! Here is what you can do to fix it!…

Apple TV Remote firmware 0x0070

Apple TV Remote Firmware 0x0070 Update: Download, Features

The Apple TV remote firmware 0x0070 has been released by Apple! The new update is available for the 2021 redesigned Siri Remote. We’re talking about the grey remote with the updated interface that’s displayed in the image uploaded above….