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How to command Siri to open the Home screen

How To Return To The iPhone Home Screen Hands-Free

Not sure if this will help you or not, but we’ve recently discovered that Siri is now able to open the Home Screen for you. This is useful when you need to get back to the main iOS screen without using your hands. Of course that the feature works hand-in-hand with the “Hey Siri” feature….

iOS Siri logo

7 Siri Settings That Will Fine Tune Your iPhone’s Virtual Assistant

Siri was introduced to the iPhone starting with iOS 5, more exactly since October 12, 2011. Each year Apple’s virtual assistant gets more and more functions and features. Nowadays, Siri is proactive, provides search and app suggestions and can complete a lot of tasks. With each new iOS generation, the iPhone’s virtual assistant has also…

How to ask Siri for a song if you only know some lyrics

How To Find Songs By Lyrics Via Siri Or Apple Music

I’m sure that it happens to you quite often to hear a new song at the radio, in a shop, while on the go and the lyrics just remain stuck in your head for the day. It doesn’t have to be a new track at all, it can even be an oldie but goldie that…

Do I have coronavirus? - iPhone questionnaire via Siri

Can I Use My iPhone To Determine If I have Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Siri is now able to help you pinpoint a potential COVID-19 infection! Apple has updated the popular virtual assistant with support for coronavirus symptoms. Basically, your iPhone is now in direct access to the the new CDC questionnaire used by the US Public Health Service. This is the first step of determining potential COVID-19 infested…

asking siri to play song on spotify

How To Control Spotify Music Playback With Siri In iOS 13

Spotify has recently updated its app with Siri support. Thanks to iOS 13 and this latest update you can now use your iPhone’s virtual assistant to control music playback on your device. This feature is also available for iPads running iPadOS 13. All that you have to do is make sure that your Apple device…