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HomePod weather for where

HomePod Weather For Where Issue? (Fix For Missing Location!)

HomePod asks weather for where instead of providing the weather report for your location? Siri is only able to provide the forecast on HomePod and HomePod mini if you speak out the name of your location?…

Siri not working on HomePod

HomePod Siri Not Working, Not Responding, No Answer (Fix?!)

Is HomePod Siri not working after OS 15.2 update? Are you asking Siri various things but Apple’s virtual assistant isn’t responding? The lights on the HomePod turn On and start circling but Siri doesn’t speak out anything?…

Apple Music voice plan

Apple Music Voice Plan: Features, Price, How To Subscribe

The Apple Music Voice Plan is a new low price subscription introduced by Apple during the Unleashed event keynote. It allows members to get access to the full Apple Music library for only $4.99 a month! There is a catch though. All music can only be accessed and controlled via Siri!…

Siri AirPods Control Not Working

How To Fix Siri AirPods Pro Controls Not Working In iOS 15

Are you trying to change AirPods Pro Active Noise Controls with Siri? Do you want to enable Transparency mode or disable Active Noise Cancellation but it’s not working? Siri replies with ‘Sorry, I can’t do that’ or ‘I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t do that’? Yes, the Siri voice commands regarding AirPods Controls are broken!…

Share iPhone screen content with Siri

How To Share Screen Content With Contacts Using Siri In iOS 15

A less known iOS 15 feature allows you to easily share the content of your screen with a contact, using Siri! Apple’s virtual assistant gets a significant update in iOS 15. Alongside new specs like on-device processing and support for offline request, Siri also gains context awareness functionality….