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macos ventura battery drain sleep

macOS Ventura Battery Drain During Sleep Mode? (Fix?)

Experiencing macOS Ventura battery drain during sleep mode? Mac battery drains overnight since you updated to macOS 13? This usually happens when third-party apps are preventing your computer from entering sleep phase!…

Mac restarts in sleep mode

Mac Restarts In Sleep Mode, After Closing Lid? (Fix!)

Mac restarts in Sleep mode after macOS Ventura update? Does the MacBook reboot every time it goes to sleep? Kernel panic happens a short time after closing the lid? This issue has recently flared up during macOS 13 Public Beta 3 (Dev Beta 5) testing stage….

How to set Alarms in iOS 14

How To Set, Add And Use iPhone Alarms In iOS 14

A less popular change in iOS 14 is the Clock app redesign. The wheel picker used for setting time and configuring alarms isn’t the focal point of the interface anymore. The new version, although simplified, can be somewhat confusing. So, let’s take a look at how to add a new iPhone alarm in iOS 14…