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iOS 15.7 signed

iOS 15.7 Still Signed! Downgrade iOS 16 Possible! (Updating)

iOS 15.7 still signed? Yes, this software version is still supported by Apple for all compatible iPhone models! This means that you can safely downgrade iOS 16.0 and iOS 16.0.2 to iOS 15.7, if day-one issues such as major touch screen problems, render your iPhone almost unusable!…

how to downgrade from iOS 15 beta

How To Downgrade From iOS 15 Beta To 14 Without Losing Data

Some apps and their features might not work as expected in the iOS 15 test versions. That’s why you might be looking for a way to downgrade from iOS 15 Public Beta to the most recent version of iOS 14! If you listened to us and performed an archived backup before upgrading to iOS 15,…