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stage manager shortcuts

Stage Manager Shortcut On Mac? macOS Ventura (How To)

Did you know that you can create a Stage Manager shortcut in macOS Ventura? It makes multitasking even more easier on Mac and allows you to quickly enable and disable this new macOS 13 feature!…

stage manager not working on ipad

Stage Manager Not Showing Up On iPad In iPadOS 16.1? (Fix?)

Is Stage Manager not showing up on iPad after iPadOS 16.1 update? You’ve installed the most recent public release but this new multitasking feature is not available? It won’t show up in Control Center or within the Settings app. Here is what to do! Stage Manager Not Showing On iPad? This problem has been reported…

stage manager greyed out on mac

Stage Manager Greyed Out, Not Working On Mac? (Fixed!)

Stage Manager greyed out after macOS Ventura update? This new macOS 13 feature doesn’t work and you’re not able to turn it On in System Settings, because the toggle is unresponsive, as if the feature is unavailable?…