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Tag: Status Bar

iphone 8 glyph in homepod firmware

iPhone 8 Features Edge-To-Edge Display, Split Status Bar And No Physical Home Button

Around 1 month away from the expected presentation of the iPhone 8 we have the ‘official’ confirmation that the 10th iPhone generation will feature and edge-to-edged OLED display, with a revolutionary split Status Bar available at the top of the device. Thanks to Apple’s seeding to its paid Developers, of the HomePod firmware, an unreleased…

iOS 11 Signal strength graphics to integrate in iPhone 8 display.

iOS 11 iPhone Signal Strength Bars Replacing Bullets Hint For Edge-To-Edge iPhone 8 Display

Another change noticed as soon as I installed iOS 11 Developer Beta on our iPhone test unit, is that Apple has decided to tweak the graphics display of the iPhone’s signal strength. The carrier connectivity is displayed in the top-left corner of the smartphone’s status bar. However, the Cupertino-based developers have decided to bring back…

iphone 7 missing status bar on lock screen

Rare iOS 10 Lock Screen Bug Makes Status Bar Disappear

In rare cases, iPhones running iOS 10.3 experience a small Lock Screen glitch that prevents the status bar from displaying when the screen is Passcode protected. Neither the Battery percentage indicator, Wi-Fi connectivity icon, Bluetooth symbol or the carrier service bar are displayed, leaving the top area completely blank. Did you ever notice this on…